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Duck … Duck …Tour

This weekend I headed up to Boston to visit some friends. On Saturday we embraced our inner tourist and took a Duck Tour  around the  city with Captain  Mack. He was convinced that each  Boston landmark we saw was the ” most historic of its kind.” Below are some images I caputred during this ” historic ” and beautiful tour.








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First Steps

About a year ago my roommate and I decided to take a photography class. So we took our point and shoot cameras to class  and thought we were ready to become photographers, so we thought. After realizing that I was going to actually need a ” real camera”  and ruining a few rolls  of film while trying to load my camera, I started to discover that photography was something that I was going to actually really enjoy. After my 9 week class I started to slack off on shooting but I got a new Nikon D60 in December and have been making an effort to shoot reguarly ever since. So I decided to create this blog to share my work with others but to also force myself  to look at my work as a whole in hopes of discovering and honing in on my point of view as a photographer. I’d love to get as much feedback as possible so please let me know what you think.

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